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Jet Washing

Professional Jet Washing in the Reading area.

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Jet Washing Reading

Having a power wash service that delivers the best clean can make all the difference to the appearance of a property. With our high pressure jet washers, we can deliver the cleanliness you require in no time at all to keep your floor and wall areas looking good all year round.

With our service, at Glens Window Cleaning Ltd we can provide any jet washing services on items such as:

  • Block paving including re-sanding
  • Driveways
  • Decking
  • Patios
  • Pathways
  • Walls
  • Forecourts
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Jet Washing For Driveways

Driveways can become unappealing over time as a result of the dirt you bring in from your car. However, with our powerful jet washers we can give your driveways a new lease of life.

Surfaces can become a health hazard if they are not looked after properly, resulting in trip hazards from any moss, weeds or algae that might get built up. We also offer driveway sealing which reduces any ant infestations on the surface, providing you with the cleaning result you need.

Jet Washing For Decking

Decking can become dangerous when wet or in damp conditions, especially if it is covered in any algae or moss. Keeping your decking and patio areas in top condition for the summer months relieves stress and gives you an ideal space to spend time.

Every style of patio and decking is different and it is important to get the right car routine in place. With our power wash treatments, we recommend you contact us no longer than every 3 years to get your outside space jet washed. This is to keep on top of your decking and patio performance to provide the best outcome and look you deserve.

Patios and Pathways

It’s difficult to get the patio appearance you need for your walkways to your home or business, but with us at Glens Window Cleaning Ltd our specialists can come to you and make your patios look as good as new.

When taking care of your patios, we recommend you take a few hours each week to keep on top of it but with us you can get the look you after in no time at all. With our jet cleaning services, we can remove slimy dirt off from your patios with no trouble to get that professional walkway look.

Jet Washing your walls

After a while, your wall and brickwork starts to look old and dirty, but with us we can resolve all your problems with our jet washing cleaners.

We provide the results you are after to get rid of all mould, algae and dirt from your garden, home and business building walls, to deliver an outstanding result.

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